It's time to help a friend who may not deserve it -- because they're making you crazy. If the issue is money, put your foot down right away and be nothing if not firm. If it's strictly a cerebral situation, the same holds true, but you may need to do some fancy footwork, too -- in addition to all the solid, grounded advice you'll be handing out. Oh, and here's a tip: Either way, speak from your heart.


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aquarius 21 January-19 February


21 January - 19 February

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aries 21 March-20 April


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It's time to help a friend who may not deserve it -- because they're making you crazy. If the issue...

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gemini 22 May-21 June


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cancer 22 June-23 July


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Everything you think and feel is rapidly tumbling out of your mouth, virtually unfiltered. That's...

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leo 24 July-23 August


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Speaking of charm, stick-to-itiveness and making changes at work, don't underestimate yourself --...

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virgo 24 August-23 September


24 August - 23 September

You're more than well known for your common sense and sound judgment, but right about now, you'll...

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libra 24 September-23 October


24 September - 23 October

Even though you may have taken some time off lately, your superiors have never been happier with...

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scorpio 24 October-22 November


24 October - 22 November

You're done with the casual chitchat about the weather. You're back to your quest for just the...

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sagittarius 23 November-21 December


23 November - 21 December

You're notoriously generous -- and notoriously bad at keeping secrets. Your own secrets, that is --...

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capricorn 22 December-20 January


22 December - 20 January

Still in the mood for love? If you are, don't be put off by a roadblock or delay that might...

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