David Bryan

Senior Content Manager

  • What do I actually do:
    Competitions, eplayer (video), content management, promotions, advertising campaigns...
  • Favourite entertainment.ie section:
  • Favourite Musician/Song:
    Pink Floyd / Astronomy Domine
  • Favourite TV Show:
    Any music documentary on BBC4
  • Favourite Movie:
    Toss up between The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Star Trek Wrath of Khan and Jaws
  • Favourite Comedian:
    Vivian Stanshall
  • Favourite Theatre/Play:
    S.F. Sorrow
  • Favourite Gossip Topic:
    Roy Keane Saipan
  • Favourite Restaurant:
    Kajjal Malahide
  • On a Saturday night:
    Good tunes, nice food, odd tipple
  • Guilty Pleasure:
    Surfin' Bird