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An independent movie featuring a rising independent star in the talented Ellen Page, "Juno" is an interesting and original take on the popular teen movie genre. Aiming for humour and poignancy, rather than soap-opera style drama or gross-out laughs, "Juno" succeeds through a great story and some strong performances. The film centres on tough-talking but sweet-natured Juno MacGuff (Page)as she deals with falling pregnant after a one-night stand with a shy schoolmate Bleeker (Micheal Cera). Not in a rush to become a mother at sixteen, Juno enlists the aid of two adults Vanessa (Jessica Garner) and Mark (Jason Bateman) who promise to parent the child once it is born. As time wears on and Juno comes to term, fate throws up a few unexpected surprises and Juno is forced to make some really hard decisions... The acting in this film is top-notch, no question. The ever-reliable J.K Simmons ("Spider-Man") is on fine form as Juno's wise old dad, Cera is gently believable as her boyfriend and Jason Bateman turns in a fine performance as Mark. As opposed to Juno, who is wise beyond her years, Mark is really a child who has yet to fully grow up and Bateman captures this superbly. Ellen Page has won a round of awards and an Oscar nod for her turn as the eponymous Juno, yet although it is a good performance, it is not the actress's best. She was better in "Hard Candy", and I think she should have gotten an Oscar nod for that film instead. But this is not to degrade her work in "Juno" however as she is still sweet, smart and funny in her role. Oscar winner Diablo Cody has gathered much praise "Juno", which is her first ever screenplay. Her much-vaunted dialogue was to me a little too clever, as nearly every character in the movie makes classical or pop culture references. There are so many of them that pretty soon they fail register with the humorous effect intended. Far better is her actual plot, as Cody offers through her story an original take on the teen movie. There are virtually no stereotypes in her script, and I was impressed by the last-minute twist at the end. If Cody can apply her excellent story-telling technique on show here to other ideas and other movies, she will hopefully have a great career ahead of her. Probably the least serious and least pretentious of this year's top Oscar contenders, "Juno" is well worth your money and your time.

Review published on the 11 August 2008 18:45


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Loved It... - Bebhinn

This is what a would call a great indie comedy. This story is based on a girl called Juno(Ellen Page) a chilled out teenage who becomes pregnant for the geeky 'jock' Paulie Bleaker(Michael Cera).She... MORE
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Star Rating: has rated Juno rating: 5 Star


So, so, so funny - leanne

Its like awkward funny sometimes, but its absolutely hilarious. Really liked it. The ending was really cute aswell. Love Juno n her best friend. The story is really nice. Should definately watch it! MORE
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What I loved about this movie is that you never felt like you were being warned about teenage sex. This film is about Juno and her experience, and nobody elses. Her family are fantastic, supporting... MORE
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ok - conor

an ok film. not very funny butgood acting and interestins storyline make up for it MORE
26 August 2008 20:45

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Enjoyed this... was quite quirky and the young actress was great in it.... have to say though expected so much more with all the hype surrounding it!!! MORE
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legend of a film - whytey141

well worth seeing...a girl staring in it with a real personality MORE
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Original,Funny,Fresh - Megan

This is one of my fave movies ever!When you hear teen pregnancy being in a movie,you'd usually groan and go,"Oh no,not a preachy movie about safe sex!"Yeah,you don't usually want to be... MORE
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A lesson well learnt. - carol

This movie, I saw in the cinema and alot of girls go through the big pregnancy scare or more so I found it very interesting, funny and also sad at the end. Great movie to rent on a Friday night. MORE
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worth seeing - stonecold

A really enjoyable film. juno is a comedy about a teenage girl who gets pregnant and the story she goes through trying to figure out whether or not to keep the baby or get rid of it. she decides to... MORE
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Funny, happy and poignant. - frankGalway

This is an absolutely great movie, a real feel good novie. The characters are fantastic and the Page is perfect in the role, a smart, vunerable teenager. The movie is in no way preachy or moralistic,... MORE
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Heard great reviews for 'Juno' however it just didn't quite click with me. It was a bit too wierd and wacky which isn't really for me and I struggled a bit to actually watch it the whole thing! MORE
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I love Juno Mc Guff. - bigbadbrian

This is a charming movie that will make you smile all the way through. Juno is a fantastic rough mouthed character that Ellen Page deserved an Oscar for. All the key players have fun and the... MORE
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One of the films of the decade - Cascarino

I recently rented out Juno and watched it for the 2nd time, having seen it in the cinema soon after its release. There are some films which, like the finest of fine wine, just get better with age.... MORE
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This film is a breath of Fresh air that tells a story and does not preach at its Audience or pretend to be somrthing that it is not.The Story revolves around Juno a 16 year old girl who because of... MORE
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