The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Kids will enjoy it - Joel

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It has been a while since I have seen a really entertaining fantasy film! I couldn't help thinking, though, whether the writers of the story had not been influenced to some extent by true events in Yorkshire (England) during late Victorian times, when two cousins, one local and one South African(White) alleged that they had seen fairies, and no less an a person than the eminent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed them. Fairies will only let you see them if they want to. Extend that to other magical creatures...or, even to parallel worlds. Even today, people believe in magic; some scientists talk about other dimensions superimposed on or at another speed to our own, astrophysicists talk of parallel universes and Penrose Diagrams and it gets complicated and very far from this excellent film. Yes, I agree with all those who praised Freddie Highmore for his dual performance, and I did like Simon's answer when asked to help out against Mallory - 'I don't do conflict' - then look at the fights he ended up in! The fencing adolescent added a nice, feisty touch, as did the incredulous mother - bah! Parents never even believe the noses on their faces if their own children tell them thereof. Of the Fantasy characters, perhaps the best had to be Hogsqueal: and suddenly his irritating habit of becoming distracted by his predilection for birds as a snack fitted in so nicely and usefully! Okay, hang me: I enjoyed this stacks more than that dismal trilogy about which such a big fuss was made, i.e. 'The Lord of the Things' - I'll call it. Having given this film both thumbs up, I am not sure whether I would like to see a sequel.

Review published on the 08 August 2008 18:41


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