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Bee Movie

Quality - Joel

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This is a great animation movie, it is cute and has all the elements that make a good wholesome family movie. It explains the workings of a bee hive in cartoonish terms, and would actually be good at educating kids at how a bee hive works. Adults are not left out on this one though, the movie has a lot of fun elements and is in general well made and even have a small love story(even though it is a bit awkward) embedded in it. I would recommend this movie to anyone, i think it actually has a bit for everyone, besides it is very original.

Review published on the 08 August 2008 17:21


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Very funny - leanne

Really liked this one, very nice and easy to watch. Would definately watch it again. Didnt really expect what the story turned out to be, which was good. MORE
03 June 2009 12:32

Star Rating: has rated Bee Movie rating: 3 Star


so sick of the same storyline... - xxlynchyxx

im sick of every kids movie being about the atmosphere and all the trouble the earth is in etc. celebrities thinking they can have an impact on kids in making so many movies that all say the same... MORE
17 August 2008 22:21

Star Rating: has rated Bee Movie rating: 1 Star


beeeeeeee movie..!! - nicky !

this film is really good and funny.."!!! but i would only recomend this to younger children because i didnt really enjoy it but my little bro did.."! really good for young children..!!!! MORE
03 August 2008 17:32

Star Rating: has rated Bee Movie rating: 3 Star


bees knees! - xxperfectauthorxx

this film is very funny and is quite educational , though bees can actually talk but they just speak a different language!!! very good! keep on going... MORE
26 July 2008 22:58

Star Rating: has rated Bee Movie rating: 3 Star


One for the Children - rachael

Although this movie was mildly entertaining, I also found it to be some what disturbing that a bee and a human could fall in love. It wasn't funny and I did not enjoy it. I would not recomend it to... MORE
24 May 2008 23:14

Star Rating: has rated Bee Movie rating: 2 Star


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