The Departed

The Departed

completely watchable - Hermann

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Viewer Rating:Hermann has rated The Departed rating: 2 Star

Scorsese gives us a purly enjoyable cop movie while pulling out all the stops, using great casting, camera angles, and Irish rock music to pull us into the beautifuly dirty world of cops versus robbers.The dark humor of other movies like GoodFellas is acted out perfectly with Nicholson at the helm of this plot driven movie. He gives an understated evil performace that leaves you with the feeling of a good cup of coffee with rotten milk in it. If you are a fan of good filmaking along with steller cast you will certainly enjoy this dvd

Review published on the 26 February 2007 13:15


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Amazing - James Kelly

Absolutely wonderful film.Amazing line up of actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.Each actor delivers a great performance to their full potential.The story... MORE
01 July 2008 16:22


comfortably numb - Bunny Starr

Some say that Scorsese is master, others view him as good but a bit of an anorak. This lacks the immediacy or pace of mean streets or taxi driver, nonetheless it is a wonderful and compelling film.... MORE
31 March 2008 15:08

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 5 Star


idiot reviewer - bobby kennedy

feel compelled to write. the below review is badly written rubbish. the departed is a stone cold classic. the below reviewer is obviously a moron. MORE
30 March 2008 17:55

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 5 Star


Disappointing - Cascarino

The only reason I'm reviewing this film is in response to a review from Liam Kelleher, who gave it 1 out of 5. That has to be a joke because a real reviewer will try not to let his own personal bias... MORE
27 March 2008 15:35

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Just another mafia movie - liam_kelleher

First off I may not be the best person to provide a review on a mafia movie. Reason being I think is that I was spoilt growing up. I can remember well leafing through Mario Puzo's “The... MORE
27 March 2008 10:03

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Watch the Original!! - Stephen C

This movie does not at all deserve all the hype it got on it's release.
It is a remake of a movie called Infernal affairs which was released in 2002, and should not have been re maid!  MORE
03 September 2007 17:00

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 1 Star


Very good but confusing - Rory

You would need to pay full attention bcoz it can be very confusing. The ending isnt brilliant either but overall it is a very good film that I certainly enjoyed... 7/10 MORE
10 July 2007 20:58

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 1.5 Star


Worth the watch - Ro

Stylish Thriller, even though it's a remake of the Chinese film "Infernal Affairs".The script is original, sharp & realistic. I thought Leonardo was excellent, though I preferred the... MORE
28 March 2007 16:23

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 1.5 Star


the departed......price too dear - liam

haven,t seen this movie yet,but i will.when it comes down on 29.99 in hmv dublin its far too dear.although i am looking forward to shortbus comming out on dvd 13 of next month MORE
20 February 2007 13:33

Star Rating: has rated The Departed rating: 2.5 Star


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