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Funny People

Better than brilliant - own it - Slick

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How'd this slip under the radar!!?!! The most life-affirming comedy I've ever seen, and Sandler is not a comedian I usually enjoy - but coupled with Seth Rogan...that's a match made in comedy heaven. I don't understand these other star rating's - we're in PLATINUM territory here. Hugely deep in mortal observation it's goal after goal in thought provoking metaphor I find it hard to start - the story, what does a top comedian do when he's diagnosed with potentially fatal leukaemia - he evaluates his life and his losses. Hence the perfect foil to puerile gags which all of a sudden just work. He hires Rogan to write his comedy and keep the show on the road, but he's hired a real person, not corrupted by his own fame and ego. The stage is set for a rollercoaster through 'what is life', with expertly timed comic insight and regular stand-up. I don't want to spoil the story just get it - Eminem and numerous others make cameo's, and Bana (the next Bond i reckon) plays a blinder, as does Jonah Hill. Yes it dips in parts, kinda slows and speeds up, and there are other comedies that are just laugh out loud, but this script is inspired observational comedy bar none. I've laughed at many comedies, much like the fictional movies Sandler's character is based on, but I've never seen real life truisms bound in comic charm - if you judge it with both measures I cannot recommend higher - think School of Rock for adults. Apatow - take a bow, too many cynics out there for you to get an Oscar but you've already earned it.

Review published on the 18 August 2010 01:40


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07 april 2010 - gary264

Alright film not sandler best work. Seth rogen was very bad. MORE
07 April 2010 20:39

Star Rating: has rated Funny People rating: 3 Star


what was it all about - aiden carey

did not get really get it or care not funny MORE
27 February 2010 12:33

Star Rating: has rated Funny People rating: 2 Star


Funny People - Forrest87

As far as names in modern day cinematic comedy go they're are few bigger than Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann. Adam Sandler's best days might be behind him but his most successful efforts in... MORE
24 February 2010 00:41

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Not so Funny People - Paul

Adam Sandler is a big dissappointment in this film along side Seth Rogen & leslie Mann, its not that funny at all, the story line is about a depressed Comedian, who finds out hes is dying, and... MORE
09 February 2010 14:42

Star Rating: has rated Funny People rating: 2 Star


Not very funny... - Sarah

I was so disapointed with this movie. I saw the trailer and thought it looked hilarious! It also had a line up of loads of brialliant actors such as Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan(previous movies have... MORE
09 January 2010 00:58

Star Rating: has rated Funny People rating: 2 Star


Dissapointing - Jennith Aclan

I was disappointed with this film being a big fan of Seth Rogen I expected a very funny film and despite the title this film is not funny. We meet George Simmons a huge star who started as a stand up... MORE
01 January 2010 08:15

Star Rating: has rated Funny People rating: 2 Star


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