From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love

Put your brain in a pickle jar - Slick

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This is watchable nonsense - overblown and totally unconvincing, but action sells. Travolta's obnoxious reprise of Pelham 123 jars with Rhys Myers badly-acted wannabe bad guy with a badge. The maverick specialist is flown in to sort out what nobody else can do - a one man Patton's 3rd army hunting down the bad guys, who are really just cannon fodder. Rhys Myers runs around after him learning how to be crude, rude and brutal whilst constantly quivering at his methods. He tries to assert himself as agent in charge and it all just comes off as silly nonsense. You'll probably sit-through it to get your money's worth - if you make it to the end you'll get a laugh as the ridiculousness peaks. Watch it alone to save embarrassment!!

Review published on the 16 August 2010 18:48


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