A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

A brilliant depiction of mental illness. - paula galvin

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This was going to be a difficult task for any director and screenwriter but thankfully Ron Howard and Akira Goldsman have managed to do it successfully.They have brilliantly captured the slow and painful descent into mental breakdown and then complete dissociation with the world that characterises schizophrenia. John Forbes Nash(Russell Crowe) is a superb mathematician,a recipient of the prestigious Carnegie prize and a glittering career path stretches before him as he enters Princeton University.He meets his room-mate Charles(Paul Bettany) and confesses to him that he is more comfortable with numbers than with people and we witness some cringe-worthy attempts at chatting up women. He is completely immersed in number even trying to find formulae for human interaction.His only human contact that is successful is with the beautiful Alicia Larde(Jennifer Connolly) and they fall in love and marry. After a spell of teaching he is recruited by M.I.T and from there head-hunted to break Russian military codes.All of this is overseen by Parcher,chillingly played by Ed Harris. Slowly and convincingly we are lured into the strange,paranoid world that is Nash's and it is a great testimony to the skill of Howard and Goldsman that I actually saw situations from Nash's viewpoint. This film operates on many levels;it is a poignant love story,it is a cleverly-wrought depiction of mental illness and it has elements of the excitement of a cold war thriller. The actors are flawless,direction and screenwriting superb and it is not difficult to see why it won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2001.

Review published on the 03 November 2009 10:03


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