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In Disturbia 17-year-old Kale (Transformers' Shia LaBeouf) is sentenced to three months under house arrest for punching a teacher. Out of sheer boredom he begins spying on the inhabitants of his neighbourhood and comes to suspect that one of his neighbours, Mr. Turner, (played by the suitably menacing David Morse), is a serial killer who preys on young women. Soon Kale, his friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), and his flirtatious next-door neighbour Ashley (Sarah Roemer) are watching and recording Turner's every move in an attempt to prove his guilt. The film clearly borrows heavily from Hitchcock's Rear Window and also American Beauty to an extent, but obvious plagiarism aside it is an entertaining thriller with plenty of humour and genuinely creepy moments.

Review published on the 11 February 2009 19:10


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Should've been more Disturbia-ing than it is. - simonconnolly

On the way home from a fishing trip Kale Brecht and his father Daniel are involved in a car accident which takes Daniel's life. A year passes in which Kale has become a troubled and violent boy. When... MORE
25 May 2009 17:03

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 3 Star


Excellent - XxXMCXxX

This movie was soo good , i would watch it soo many times , it puts you in suspence it is unreal, its a scary movie but then its a comedy, romantic and sad all in one a must see !!! MORE
26 October 2008 10:36

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 5 Star


It's ok - Locky

This film starts off fairly good. a nice story line. But as soon as the kid gets put under house arrest, it gets a bit silly, almost like a teen (scream) type movie. there is suspence in it and it's... MORE
20 October 2008 11:28

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 3 Star


this is like rear window (only better) - Grace

I liked the hitchcock rear window this reminds me of it kind of, saw it in the cinema in savoy in town when it came out. the main guy the kid is good and thought the bad guy was excellent, would... MORE
18 May 2008 20:25

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 4 Star


not great - Aisling

this movie starts off well enough but goes rapidly downhill half way through. the acting is reasonable enough but you really stop caring after a while. for most of this film there is good tension... MORE
27 April 2008 21:09

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 2 Star


worth the watch. - amy

"Disturbia" stars Shia LaBeouf as Kale, a high school student placed under house arrest for the summer. One year after getting into a car accident that kills his father, Kale snaps at the... MORE
09 April 2008 15:37

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 3 Star


Excellent! - oliviak83

This was a great movie. I would recommend renting as its different from any other movie i've ever seen. Great acting and lots of suspense. Shia is excellent in it MORE
06 April 2008 18:33

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 4 Star


Worth a watch - Cascarino

For those who watch this film without any preconceptions and having seen no trailers, the intense first 15 minutes will prepare for you an epic thriller which doesn't subsequently materialise. I was... MORE
10 March 2008 13:06

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 3 Star


See it!!!! - Linda Wicklow

Its savage film!! Its really good i would watch it over and over again...Plus Shia le Beouf is the main character, why wudn any girl want to watch it! Mmmh (: MORE
28 February 2008 14:42

Star Rating: has rated Disturbia rating: 4 Star


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