The Strangers

The Strangers

Do you wanna squirm in your seat? - emer breen

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The Strangers is a well directed and intense horror film that give us plenty of suspense and creates an eerily creepy atmosphere. Guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat throughout! The plot is inspired by true events and is centred on a young couple Kristen and Hoyt (played by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) at a fragile point in their relationship. They arrive at James' family's remote home after attending a friend wedding. Kristen has just refused Hoyt's offer of marriage and the atmosphere in the house is strained with painful silences and awkward moments. They are then interrupted by a strange girl knocking loudly on their door, asking for someone called Tamara. The situation rapidly goes from bad to worse and soon the couple find themselves terrorised by three masked strangers, whose identities and motivations are unknown. The mysterious intruders are dressed in incongruous, ridiculous masks (a sack with a smiley face; a doll and a pin-up) and seem to be there solely for the thrill of tormenting the poor couple. They have no apparent past and no motive beyond an endless cat and mouse game of torture and murder…..They clatter round the house, banging on doors and releasing a reign of escalating terror while the lovers become caught up in this terrifying roller coaster ride. But even as this absurd campaign of terror escalates, the movie remains levelheaded and well paced throughout, smartly scaring it's audience with a tingling creepiness. This cat and mouse game pursues and I'll reveal no more of the plot - go and see it if you fancy a sleepless night!! Why I think that this horror film works well is that it makes you nervous and uncomfortable. How much do you like to squirm in your seat? The director does an excellent job building up the dread and fear factor, especially early on in the film. He doesn't rely on cheap tricks. The film makes extensive and creative use of sound to create atmosphere and tension, but it doesn't overdo the jump scares with cheesy orchestral stings that attempt to send us flying out of our seats. As well as sound, he uses silence, pauses and sudden noises. The movie is scary because the director knows that a quiet background movement, well timed, will work better than another weapon and character leaping into the frame. The result is more frightening than graphic violence and gory bloody fighting scenes. This director knows how to keep us in suspense and this is further heightened by some of the imagery he constructs, which is genuinely chilling. Tension is built up with minor details such as a moved cellphone, a looping song on the record player and while we don't actually see all that much of the 3 masked attackers or we never actually hear them speak, we know enough to leave us suitably chilled to the core! The success of the movie, for me, can be largely attributed to convincing and solid performances from the two lead actors, Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, both of whom elevate their roles above the standard horror-movie genre. Tyler even shows us that she can run and scream! This is indeed an enormously unsettling movie. While the plot isn't particularly original, it offers a riveting and credible portrayal of everyone's worst nightmare - being home alone and under attack by a group of sinister, sadistic masked killers. This is not a typical blood and spatter movie, it is a slow crescendo of intimidation and a nightmarish hell. With the exception of a couple of individual images that might stay with you, The Strangers is probably too small a film release to make a long lasting impression. But that said, it works, it tied my stomach in knots and lets just say I was glad to come home to a full house (for once!)…..

Review published on the 04 September 2008 12:38


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After the first 30 minutes, the movie takes you on a HIGH intense roller coaster ride. You will not be able to move because you don't know what is going to happen. I literally developed headaches... MORE
26 September 2009 01:44

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 4 Star


okish - m

some scary jumpy parts. but the freakiness didn't last very long when the "strangers" took off their masks and revealed themselves. some of it was very unbelievable. like the couple in the film, the... MORE
17 April 2009 13:43

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 3 Star


The trailer scared me the most! - me

I saw this trailer a few months before it's release and I was traumatised (due to the fact that I'm a big baby). After being forced into going to see it - just so others could laugh at my expense -... MORE
03 November 2008 14:22

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 2 Star


Tense & Creepy! - hellcat1983

Inspired by the true story of the Manson family killings, The Strangers stars Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman as a couple retreating to an isolated family cottage after a wedding reception. What... MORE
03 October 2008 11:55

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can think of better ways to spend a hour and a half - Gaz84

worst crap ive seen. pointless MORE
30 September 2008 14:09

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 1 Star


scary- will make you jump - stonecold

always love a good horror. and this to my surprise was actually quite good. if your looking for a good scare then this will make you jump. starts off with a young couple who after being at a friends... MORE
09 September 2008 20:50

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 3 Star


Pretty Scary, Pretty Scary - lucy laide

This movie was much more intense than i expected with a pretty shocking ending.. Defo a must see as far as horror stories go and the fact that it is based on a true stories adds to the fear .... ,... MORE
06 September 2008 09:16

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 3 Star


Scary but not great! - jim

So the back ground to this story, well is based on true events about a very terrifying murder. Basically boyfriend and girlfriend return to boyfriend's parent's summer home after a wedding party, all... MORE
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Looks scary - Jade

cnt w8 2 c it x MORE
04 September 2008 15:40

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Very good - Sue

I wasn't expecting this to be very scary as it is only 16s but I thought it was really good! The suspense throughout is a killer, you just want the masked invaders to get it over with and put the... MORE
01 September 2008 15:08

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 4 Star


l - milan

good MORE
29 August 2008 21:06

Star Rating: has rated The Strangers rating: 1 Star


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