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Teenage years are a fuzzy and confusing time. The greatest reflections on teenage life are the ones that manage to capture the almost total isolation teenagers feel in their lives from the rest of the world, teens view the world through narrow eyes. This short sighted vision inevitably leads to concentration on certain factors that become less important as time goes on. In those hectic and unpredictable years the biggest issue focused on is almost universally sex. You could be fooled into thinking this movie is about the frustration and desire concerning sex, but you'd be wrong. The movie uses the quest for sex as a gimmick to keep the plot moving forward but ultimately the movie is about the friendship between the two main characters and it is this saving grace that really elevates Superbad above the usual teen comedy. The sub-plot that follows McLovin on this eventful night has almost been overshadowed by a catchphrase but it's the dorky cops who make that element of the film shine so brightly, in a typical teen comedy authority is something to be dodged and in a brilliant twist they've turned that on it's head, with genuinely fantastic results. Superbad is a brilliant comedy, with some fantastic one liners and some excellent turns from the players, but what makes it brilliant is the ease which we can all relate to these two best friends trying to have a good time.

Review published on the 11 August 2008 18:01


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hilarious - christopher

Deftly balancing vulgarity and sincerity while placing its protagonists in excessive situations, Superbad is an authentic take on friendship and the overarching awkwardness of the high school... MORE
03 April 2010 14:30

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 4 Star


Very Funny - Patrick

One of the better comedies that has been produced in the last few years the three main characters play teenage awkwardness and stupidity brilliantly. Funny, silly and just full of laughs MORE
01 November 2009 12:45

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 4 Star


Super Good (comedy must see) - chris

This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I had two friends over when we saw this, and we barely stopped laughing during the entire movie.The writing is also very witty- and the... MORE
20 October 2009 12:25

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 5 Star


Your classic stupid comedy - michelle

This is a film full of laughs, some very stupid and predictable (juvenile) some very original and hilarious (the drawings of the penis' contain both these aspects of humour!!) There are laughs... MORE
04 November 2008 10:47

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Didnt know what to expect - zeromenace

Teen flick with three main character Seth, Evan, Fogell.. this film was well taught out and had some outstanding bits with the two cops, but the movie as whole didnt make me fall of my seat with... MORE
12 November 2007 13:11

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Deffinetly not as good as the title suggests. DO NOT GO TO WATCH IT ALONE OR WITH YOUR PARENTS(NEVER EVER!!!!!) - Ruta

Well, you deffinetly expect something, funier, more thrilling than it is and its kinda embarasing for girls, thank god that when i went to watch it there were loads of us, so it wasnt as bad...... MORE
08 November 2007 20:34

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Comedy to cheer you up - gatenbyh

I felt Superbad was super funny and sentimental all at the same time. Very many American pie attributes but who said that wasnt funny? It gets a bit drawn out with the guys taking so long... MORE
06 November 2007 19:35

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 3 Star


Not as Bad or as Good as Name might Suggest - pandabat

"Superbad" is sort of a prequel to "Knocked Up". How do early 20s stoners become who they are? Answer: they follow the path of "Superbad", which in turn follows the... MORE
24 October 2007 23:12

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not for girls - poutbenefitmac

this film is vulgar, not funny if you have a female sense of humour and to be frank it is a complete was of time because the only reason I laughed was in the hope it would end faster. However... MORE
23 October 2007 23:06

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1 Star


Terrible - serialmatrix

I went to see this last night having heard good things about it. Two friends told me in the last week to go and see it because it's hilarious.One, who isn't a fan of the American Pie type American... MORE
23 October 2007 11:25

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helps if your a guy - sampier

The movie is astonishingly foul-mouthed, but in a fluent, confident way where the point isn't the dirty words, but the flow and rhythm, and the deep, sad yearning they represent.Easily one of the... MORE
23 October 2007 00:18

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 5 Star


A load of crap. - Billy, Limerick

A couple of amusing moments but in general complete and utter crap. Don't bother wasting your money and time on this rubbish. MORE
22 October 2007 17:45


McLovin It - murphyej1

Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen seem to have cornered the comedy market this summer with Knocked up and now the even more hilarious |Superbad which never stops in producing the laughs. The story picks up... MORE
15 October 2007 23:08

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Enjoyable -

I really enjoyed this film, but avoided it for ages cos I was horrified at "knocked up" biggest case of false advertising this century! Seth is cute, Evan is fecking hilarious and Fogell is... MORE
15 October 2007 10:54

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Take my Advise...... Don't watch it!!!!! - Dvaughan!

This film is AWFUL. It is boring and has a very poor storyline. Acting is terrible too!! It begins with too Secondary School Teenage boys talking about how much the want to go out with and... MORE
13 October 2007 22:31

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1 Star


supergood - Mclovin

wat a film go and see it MORE
11 October 2007 15:47

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 4.5 Star


Good but no American Pie - shiv9mbs

It's a great way of spending a couple of hours just to escape to some silliness... few jokes have been there done that but overall funny with plenty of toilet humour. MORE
09 October 2007 15:46

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 3 Star


ah it was good -

this is a film for the guys in general i would have to say.. it does have its funny moments most are top class ..  the acting is very low standard but overall its a good laugh MORE
08 October 2007 11:50


To Die For -

One of the best films of all time, With its devilish humor that ignited my funny bones for once i came out of a film thinking what a pure gem, it made the nachos go down so easy with such slapstick... MORE
05 October 2007 15:01


hillarious -

went to see this film in a packed cinema i cried from laughing so much brill film more a fellas type of humour MORE
04 October 2007 23:45


Too much hype/fuss, no balls. -

Now I'm never usually one to criticise movies that have made a genuine attempt to be funny but, Superbad absolutely made me sick.. Maybe three good laughing points in the film. Yet everybody I ask... MORE
03 October 2007 22:03


Promising start but doesn't fulfill -

The first half of the film is pretty good- some great one liners from endearingly cringy adolescent characters.  However half way throu I found myself tiring of it all. The story got... MORE
01 October 2007 20:26


top notch - go see it tonight - Alan

The new wave of comedies have been coming at us for some years now but usually they star the same actors: Farrell, Stiller, etc. so it was a nice to be able to sit down and watch a comedy with mostly... MORE
26 September 2007 17:21

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Cannot believe the negative reviews - this is a very enjoyable film - Colm

We went see this in a packed cinema and laughed all the way through. The characters are wittily written and complex. They're smart, funny, assholes sometimes, nice guys other times. There are jokes... MORE
25 September 2007 23:41

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


dont rush to see it - scott osullivan

ok their is around 5 million better films out their although i thought it was good their is so so much better out their eg the hitcher i ow pronounce you chuck and larry MORE
24 September 2007 17:50

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1 Star


I wanna shout it from the roof tops - Eamonn G

Superbad is a cracker, a story that nearly everyone can relate to, we were all teenagers once, well nearly all of us. The story of three friends attempts to get alcohol is the motivation for this mad... MORE
23 September 2007 19:17

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2 Star


Funniest film this year - sue

Oh my god!! laughed out loud all the way through. Glad i didn't listen to some of the comments people left about it being superbad.. Not one to watch with your parents but definitley one to go see... MORE
21 September 2007 19:49

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2.5 Star


superbad is supergood - princess sophia

r uz for real??? superbad is amazin.... laughed from start 2 finish not gonna lie!!! what a film! so so funny! but i dont think no a fence now that older people... MORE
20 September 2007 22:47

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 2.5 Star


So bad it really is super bad ! - Helen

This film is superbad! It's a vulgar start to a boring humorless story! I cringed throughout it was way too vulgar that it needed to be! The whole story is based on three idiots getting booze for a... MORE
20 September 2007 12:57

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 0.5 Star


The name says it all - Padeke

I tried to enjoy this movie. I gave more effort into trying than I've ever attempted. It was a sorry excuse for a movie. I'm sure this movie adds more to the stereotype of how truly messed up... MORE
19 September 2007 20:15

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 0.5 Star


Seth Rogen, stick to your dayjob as an actor - Aidan Lucid

I don't know about you but personally, I'm growing weary with all the comedies and half of them are as funny as having your backside glued to the toilet. So along comes Superbad to brighten up our... MORE
19 September 2007 10:30

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1 Star


Superbad - The Title is a hint! -

Superbad had to be honestly one of the worst films I have ever seen, and I didn't even watch all of it! The previews and ads made this out to be the kind of film I would generally like to watch but... MORE
18 September 2007 22:58

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 0.5 Star


Not the worst, but certainly not all as funny as I was thought it was goning to be. - Micheal Lavery

Superbad, was not the worst comedy I have ever scene, in fact it was rather enjoyable way to spend two hours, however I think this film was a hyped up to much prior to release.

the... MORE
18 September 2007 00:48

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1.5 Star


The title is a review of the movie:-) - Robert, Mayo

The title is a review of the movie :-) , don't expect orscar winning acting. But its ok, you'll be entertained.
15 September 2007 17:51

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1 Star


Enjoyable but no Knocked Up - old_no7

While Superbad has it's genuinely funny moments, it's no 40 Year Old Virgin or Knocked Up.   Three friends, Seth, Evan and Fogell are coming towards the end of high school and plan on going out... MORE
14 September 2007 20:04

Star Rating: has rated Superbad rating: 1.5 Star


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