Meet Dave

Meet Dave

No thanks. - Joel

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An entire generation has grown up wondering why Eddie Murphy was once considered funny. This film will not answer that question. Really, we're supposed to think that awkward, stiff motions and leering grimaces are somehow humorous? This doesn't even rise to the level of toilet humor. The Elizabeth Banks character should be reported to Child Protection and Services for letting her kid go anywhere near this creepy weirdo. But Austyn Myers as Josh gives a winning performance, and he ALMOST sells the idea that a kid would find "Dave" fascinating, kind of like a car wreck. Ed Helms, as #2, tries to inject a voice of sanity and duty into the command chamber, and he gets rewarded by being painted as arrogant, vindictive, and power-mad. Jut-jawed security guy Pat Kilbane's #4 has his latent gayness triggered by exposure to "A Chorus Line", following which he goes all flouncy and twittery. Really, could the stereotyping get any more offensive? Gabrielle Union as #3 sure is a treat for the eyes, tho, and you can see where the gargantuan budget for this box-office disaster ended up: pretty much entirely paying for the Murphy name and the special effects, with hardly a thot to the screenplay and direction.

Review published on the 08 August 2008 17:24


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completely awfull! - Jamie_0762

A TERRIBLE FILM. The storyline was lame and so boring and Eddie Murphy is just unable to give an even half decent preformance. AVOID! MORE
06 August 2008 16:48

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 1 Star


very funny,...!!! - nicky !

this film looked good on the trailers but it was brilliant in the cinema i would recomend this to everyone ... very funny..!!!!! MORE
02 August 2008 11:03

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 5 Star


useless!! - Katie

if i could give this a "0 star" i would... it is such a stupid film.. eddie murphy would really do anything for a bit of money. the story is stupid as well. do not go see it :( MORE
29 July 2008 19:15

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 1 Star


hilarious, go see - simonconnolly

I completely disagree with all the reviews for this film. it has been getting horrific reviews but it's quite a memorable film. Murphy is brilliant and makes this film absolutely hilarious. he lands... MORE
26 July 2008 16:56

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 4 Star


ya well - Alan p

this film is deadly very funny MORE
26 July 2008 11:34

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 5 Star


Spud Murphy Potato Head! - HSP

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, what in the name of Jeepers are you doing this days. I know all the stuff about trailers being the best bits & all that, but this is just so bad it's hard to know where to... MORE
21 July 2008 12:56

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 1 Star


excellent - dj shadow

excellent movie MORE
20 July 2008 21:31

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 5 Star


crap total crap - Maryheavey

this film is so bad i walked out of the cinema is disgust Eddie Murphy should just stop making films they just keep getting worse its punishment to even hear his voice MORE
15 July 2008 18:19

Star Rating: has rated Meet Dave rating: 1 Star


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