The 40 Year-Old Virgin

The 40 Year-Old Virgin

hilarious! - Joel

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THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN! - A movie with this concept would be so easy to turn into a piece of utter crap a la "Deuce Bigelow". It's so rare to find a movie that can actually balance big laughs with honest character development. Steve Carell does a great job portraying Andy, a character quite unlike the loud, obnoxious types that he's best known for. Again, it would be very easy for actor to screw things up by overdoing the stereotype... but Carell does a nice balancing act... playing nerdy without making it too creepy. Catherine Keener has a great role, too... as the single mother of three who begins a relationship with Andy... not knowing the dreaded secret that has only recently come to the attention of his (messed up in their own way) co-workers. Written by Carell and director Judd Apatow (known for TV's "Freaks and Geeks")... maybe this will start a new trend of comedy movies with ACTUAL SCRIPTS?

Review published on the 08 August 2008 17:00


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hilarious - xxlynchyxx

steve carrell is brilliant in this role. he is perfect for it. this will leave you wit your sides spliting from laughing so much. unmissable as far as comedies go. MORE
17 August 2008 22:44

Star Rating: has rated The 40 Year-Old Virgin rating: 3 Star


you must see it! - carol

Ever since seeing this in the cinema, I've become a big fan of Steve Carell (the office-usa, bruce almighty etc). its one of the best I've seen in years. If I see another scary movie advertised, I'll... MORE
04 August 2008 18:22

Star Rating: has rated The 40 Year-Old Virgin rating: 4 Star


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