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Okayish plot, great action - Eoghan Bolger

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Safe house

Safe house is an action thriller film starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, it is directed by Daniel Espinosa. The plot sees a CIA agent frustrated with his job who finds himself in over his head when he as to escort a spy/information leaker to a new location after an attack on where he had been held captive.
The movie is two hours long.

I was surprised to see Reynolds and Gleeson in this film, Washington was a predictable choice however but the other two I associate comedy or at least semi-comedic roles but I felt both, especially Reynold's showed me his variation and diversity, he's more than a super hero or US romcom actor. Here he plays a fairly vulnerable, impressionable naïve man whose loss of innocence s a key part of the plot.
I liked that aspect more than the weak execution of the thriller part, it's a formulaic storyline that's easy to guess what's coming next with minimal concentration, there isn't much suspense or tension here and it doesn't tell us much more we already didn't know about the US government.
The acting is strong though, Washington is a convincing villain, certainly not as one dimensional as I thought he might be.
Where this stands strong is that the exposition is brief, quick, light if albeit mumbly and repetitive in parts , the action choreography is engaging/enthralling, exciting to watch and hard nosed and the script isn't as bad as some other actioneers.
There isn't much out at the moment worth seeing so you could do worse than this clichéd if action packed film.

Verdict: ***

Review published on the 25 February 2012 00:12


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Star Rating: has rated Safe House rating: 3 Star


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