The Woman In The Fifth

The Woman In The Fifth

Could past as a thriller - mart1n

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it's a very atmospheric movie this and i think in this Ethan Hawke and Christian Scott Thomas are very good here. I found it very interesting  but it was a little to slight for me. There were many more paths it could have taken but it didn't and that was a shame. This is a proper old school art movie, the story could be like a thriller, we have this washed up writer who sort of ends up in Paris and wants to get back with his estranged family, is then robbed  and has no money and ends up in a seedy boarding house. He has a job as a night-watchman and you think should it be a thriller r should it be something else. This film just doesn't do what you expect it to do and some people will find that frustrating. Whereas with this movie I think it's about just going along for the ride. I didn't however find i good. Paris also doesn't look like Paris here and its like the evil twin of the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris with had the same sort of story in a more light-hearted way. Woody Allen mad Paris look lovely but here Paris looks a completely different place. Not bad, worth a watch

Review published on the 22 February 2012 14:44


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