The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

Very scary, very good - mart1n

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Il start by saying i really liked the book by Susan Hill and any ghost story is good if it's scary and can fill you with amounting dread and this is at times terrifying. I can't not recommend this enough, i thought the casting was spot on with Daniel Radcliffe cause it is so difficult for him, cause he is so much so Harry Potter in our head, but i think he played magnificently. I believed him as a young widow and somebody to had to go back and keep revisiting this house and look after his son, i thought he was really really good in it. It was easy to make a good film out of this cause the novel it was adapted from is so good so they did have that advantage and kept true to the book also, which i liked. What i think the film makers do here very smartly is that they realise they have everything they need to start with, the story of madness, cruelty, loss and this dark secret. Along the great scenery too on the coast of England with the mist raising and with it this spooky house that is incredibly scary that you feel if you even looked at a floor board it would creek. The director here who also did Eden Lake just lets it all come to the boil, takes his time with it and just lets it all happen. It unfolds nice and slowly but still keeping you on the edge of your seat. What you get at the end is like a superior type of ghost train ride, and i mean that as a compliment. You are left jittering after this and that's always a good thing from a scary movie. This is the type of film to see in the cinema, it did add to the tension, there were people getting frightened in the cinema and it was a good experience, one that you won't get just watching this at home. So go see it in the cinema and enjoy.

Review published on the 20 February 2012 09:03


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