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I real boys movies here, but great. In a week that has been the best for films in many a year we have another great movie. It has alot going for it for many different people. Comic book fans like myself will love it for its sort of geekyness and some of the scenes are amazing. I really enjoyed it, however the devise of everybody shoots everything goes sort of one person too far, with the girlfriend who was “oh do you mind, I'm just going to shoot everything”. Ok i get it, i know i sound like an old geezer saying that and i know everybody does film everything these days with facebook etc being so popular, so maybe i am from the wrong generation here, so i found it ever so slightly contrived. However in general i think any teenage lad will love this film. I said the same about man on a ledge and I'm saying the same here too. this one though has a whole lot more to offer. Because it is a very pleasant surprise, maybe cause i didn't expect much from it, i don't know. You expect this to be a certain type of film and actually it's not. The found footage angle is what people are going to pick up on here, with it coming after the likes of Cloverfield and District 9 and thinking it will be a found footage superhero movie. Which in actual fact is a real nice idea and yes the script isn't totally brilliant at times with why we need explanations to why people are filming stuff, but here it does work brilliantly and without giving away too much about what happens in the film. The finale is dependent on the found footage and i think that works great. Im very happy with this film and therefore don't want to criticise it too much. Bcasuse i love the way it changes tone, a brave thing to do here. To do something about growing up as a teenager in America, too many films don't give teenagers in their films personalities, this one does. We see these 15, 16 year olds with these super powers and its like jackass, with them messing with girls, messing with grownups. Then its takes a dark twist and this is where the film really excels and it shows the uglier side of growing up. A very good film that you should try and check out if you can.

Review published on the 15 February 2012 12:07


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