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Oh where to start! There's so much to enjoy here for adults as well as children – it's nicely knowing like a lot of so called children's movies are these days. It might be glib to say there's something for all the family, but there really is.

Movie starts in SmallTown USA where we're introduced to Walter and his brother Gary. There's something different about Walter and despite this, Gary is still close to him, enjoys his company, spends time with him although despite growing up and moving on and their clear differences. When Gary and Mary go on holidays, Walter joins them and they manage to discover a dastardly plot to drill for oil at the original studios (maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!) tracking down Kermit and getting the old gang back together is the only solution to the problem at hand. The movie manages to be Walter's coming of age, a rescue mission, a love story and musical all in one……and it works.

From the initial dance and song sequences it's obvious Segel love love loves the characters and has revelled in putting this movie together, it's a strong recurring theme through the movie and it is all the better for it. It most definitely is a labour of love.

Funniest moment without giving too much away is the Muppet or a Man number. It's touching and poignant yet sharp and to the point – l would absolutely give Segal 100% credit for this, it's like the touches we see from Forgetting Sarah Marshall's “Dracula the Musical”
Like I said, there's absolutely something for everyone here , I liked especially the fact that while there is a happy ending, it's not the typical sugar coated straight forward underdog winning ending. The franchise has been well and truly rebooted.

Some of the cameos were a bit strange, I liked Jim Parson's turn as the non muppet Walter, Emily Blunt reprising her Devil wears Prada role, Neil Patrick Harris could have done more as we've seen he's a very capable performer in his own right – Jack Black (who I just don't like) though and Selena Gomez I just don't think are going to stand the test of time.

What I didn't like – surprisingly little other than finding Amy Adams ridiculously irritating – the character was annoying, her singing is annoying, her presence is annoying……honestly I don't always have this kind of reaction to female leads! I liked her in enchanted and while obviously she's a second to the muppets there's not much to endear her to the audience other than being a bit “meh”

For me ….well from now on I'm going to travel by map!

Review published on the 14 February 2012 17:03


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