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Don't be a muppet and miss this! - mart1n

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I heard they hired some of the original puppeteers from the original Jim Henson movies and supposedly tensions at times where high cause the original ones thought, well here are these young guys who are going to probably take over do it their way and be a bit snotty about it and i think it took them a couple of weeks to get things right. But here you realise within the first few seconds that this is just a very sweet and sincere love letter to the Muppets and its really got the spirit of the original show. The story here is of them putting on a show one more time to raise to money to save their old studios and your instantly transported back to that world of the original programme. Im a man of very simple tastes and i think this is blissful. I think everyone's expectations here were high  and there was so much hype about this movie it was unreal. When i went i was trying my best not to get over excited incase i was let down, but it was even better than i expected. you get very nostalgic here, cause these are characters that we know and when we love about the Muppets is that we already know loads about them. Chris Cooper is fantastic here as is Amy Adams, they play it perfectly. I came out of this film on a cloud and i don't do it often but im going to go and see it again next week. There is so much joy here too that kids will love it, but also the script which the Muppets do great is that sort of innocence on one line and knowing on the other, which the Muppets were always very good at. The songs too are great, which were all written by Bret McKenzie from Flight Of The Concords. There is a bit in the film where the energy dips a little but at that point we are lifted again by a great bit of music and fun, something i haven't seen in a musical in years

Review published on the 14 February 2012 09:47


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