The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

Best horror film in years - Eoghan Bolger

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The woman in black

The woman in black is a horror drama, starring Daniel Radcliffe, it sees the Harry Potter actor playing the role of a widower, who has little time to see his son, he is called into a small town to sort out documents pertaining to a house/former occupant there but things are not as they seem.
The movie is 100 minutes long and is directed by James Watkins.

Hammer horror is back? This is good news and I think it shows with this resulting film, these guys were the masters of now vintage horror and its nice to see that someone knows what their doing in a genre now long stagnant.
Theres only been a few horror films in the past few years that were any good, but mostly we got only alright found footage fares, slashers and borderline to full on torture porn.
This one goes back the old fashioned, old hat basics. Unlike a lot of horror films I was glad that the setup portion here actually mattered, Radcliffe plays a character different from the usual bunch of everymen and drunk students that have been terrible clichés in this genre for years now. It makes use of the whole runtime rather than meandering.
The timing of the surprise scares and camerawork to long stretches of little dialogue make for an immersive, well executed movie that while lacking in lingering fear shocks you enough during the movies run for that not to matter as much.
Radcliffe carries the whole film mostly on his shoulders and he shows himself more than capable of breaking out of the Potter role, he's believable and I think his career will benefit from this movie.
Its effective, low key, relies on good writing, an actual plotline and atmosphere to frighten audiences rather than where other directors will try to one up each other with inventive killing scenes.
I think that this film did a great job of actually feeling like one was reading a book while watching and I say this as a firm advocator that the written medium is a far superior method/approach for the horror story.
We don't get films like this often enough, it does come off as an 80s or 70s film and is up there with the quality of classic chillers of yesteryears and its refreshing to see someone getting it right.
If you really want to know why people are raging over what was lost in the horror movies of today then look no further than this movie, I hope that other directors will learn from Watkins and that we can restore these films to their former glory. If hammer intend to put out any more movies, I'm more than game and on for the ride.

Verdict: ****

Review published on the 13 February 2012 23:22


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