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Not worth an Oscar nomination - Fiona74

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Ok I'm the first to admit the academy doesn't always get it right when it hands out the Oscar for best movie (remember Shakespeare in Love?) but I cannot understand why this movie is in the running for an Oscar. Surely a great/oscar winning movie should be one you tell everyone they must go see and one that you will buy on dvd to revisit like an old friend. The Descendants is so forgettable that I find I wouldn't even tell people to rent this. Very simply, the movie follows the character Matt King (Clooney) as a he deals with his wife's serious condition following a boating accident and he is also in the middle of a major family decision re a tract of land they inherited. The movie is called The descendants but the descendant story line is very predictable and adds nothing to the film. The director tries to emphasise the feeling of heritage by showing us loads of old family black and white photos but you never really feel the connection of Clooney and his clan to what they inherited, and thus for me anyway, I didn't really care what they decided.

The major plot of the movie is Clooney dealing with his wife's impending death and his two teenage daughters, one of whom was a bit wild. There is no new ground here. This kind of thing has been dealt with time and time again in countless films. The film does deserve credit for its casting, Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller, are excellent as the daughters and Clooney turns in a fine performance but its far from his best. The teenage friend Sam gets a few laughs, Clooney looks sad and that's about it really.Honestly don't bother going to see this, it reminds of me a true life story movie RTE would show on a Sunday afternoon, fills in a couple of hours but not worth the price of a cinema ticket.

Review published on the 09 February 2012 14:10


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