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Chronicle is a superhero film directed by Josh Trank, it stars Ashley Hinshaw, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Dane Dehaan, Michael Kelly. Finding a mysterious abyss a group of teenagers develop psychic abilities, as such they begin testing them out but the power comes with a price.
The movie is 83 minutes long.

Initially Chronicles runtime and script had me worried how exactly it was going to make its storyline work. Thankfully Trank manages to make good use of the short length without the build up feeling too drawn out or the characters undeveloped.
And it's the characters here that make this one work, the drama around the lead feels real, you can take pity on him, the exchanges and chemistry between the three leads feels natural, funny and I liked how Chronicle offered a good twist on a well worn genre. These kids did exactly what you would expect if a group of schoolboys got that kind of power, their too selfish to save the world, they'd rather mess around, play with it and that's what leads to dangerous and irresponsible moves with tragic repercussions later on. It's a very believable way of approaching this theme. In this case power corrupted rather than inspired.
The acting may be in tune with the natural feel and flow of the movie but the overall cinematography is gimmicky, awful with poor camerawork all round.
It was inevitable but it does eventually go down the overthetop route near the end which I think ruins things somewhat.
This is something that offers us a different look at superheroes and achieves more in less than an hour and a quarter than other films of this type might.

Verdict: ***

Review published on the 08 February 2012 23:48


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