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Young Adult

Should have been oscar nominated - mart1n

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This film is just brilliant, and i can't believe it's been overlooked by he Oscars. Charlize theron so brilliant in this movie, which the director Jason Reitman who did Juno, he won an Oscar for that, he should definitely be getting a mention this year too, cause i feel this is better than Juno, its smarter, its darker, its just all round better. Theron is so good in this because she gives you a little peek into how tragic and how unwell her character is. Its unlike any character you are likely to see at the movies. My favourite bit not giving anything away is the ending, it's the most anti Hollywood ending. And maybe that is why this great movie has been overlooked at this year's awards. There is similarities to Juno, but this does also stand on its own. you can clearly see the directors stamp on her movies here. In a parallel reality here is a very sweet and fluffy role where this city girl goes back to her home town and meets her ex boyfriend and reconnect with him, but here he's happily married and she's borderline psychotic and that's just one of the clichés this movie exploits. I cannot recommend this movie enough. How Charlize Theron isn't nominated for an Oscar for this is beyond me. Without giving anything away this film never cops out and that's a great thing to see in modern cinema. The more and more i think about this film, the more and more i like it. So go see it and you won't be disappointed.

Review published on the 07 February 2012 15:59


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