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We have alot of feel good movies out there at the moment, war horse, the artist, the decedents and now its nice to see something different with a different tone then what we have been seeing in recent weeks at our local cinemas. In carnage we these two well to do couples in Manhattan who sort of meet up and talk about their children, its all chit chat till the conversations turn a bit nasty. I found it at times incredibly funny, with the dialogue being razor sharp. There will be moments where you will be in stitches watching this, you do feel bad for laughing though after a while cause some of the stuff being said is awful.  This movie is like the middle class equivalent of a fight in a car park, if you know where im coming from. All the characters here are horrible people and here it takes umbrella parenting to the next level. This is a master class of performances and it also feels like everyone isn't trying to outdo each other, although Kate Winslet might just edge it because she has probably the best scene.  The thing about carnage that I didn't really like is that it is really just one joke here, and once you've heard it, you've heard it but I do love this movie though, and in a great week for films this is right up there.

Review published on the 06 February 2012 15:19


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