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i went to see this at a special preview screening last week and i was glad to see it early as I could try make my own mind up about it, even though id already had heard great things about the movie, but not from friends and family so was glad to see it first. This is a raw and unsettling movie, a film about sex but still isn't sexy. It follows the character of Brandon played by Michael Fassbender a man in his mid thirties living the single life in New York City. He has an unhealthy addiction to sex and he pushes the boundaries further and further to try to satisfy his needs and try to be happy, but is in fact very much the opposite of being happy. His sister Sissy played by Carey Mulligan then turns up out of the blue to see him and doesn't want to really leave. This is a movie about people trying to deal with their inner demons and trying to make sense of it all. Steve McQueen shows some shocking scenes, not sick or anything but just scenes of raw emotion and things you wouldn't really expect to see in our mainstream cinemas more art house. Some parts of this movie will make you uncomfortable to watch but others and totally mesmerizing, there's one part where Brandon goes out for a late night run to get out of the apartment because his sister is there with his boss. The scene is amazing and so simply, he is just running and the camera just follows him with the music too really making an impact. I found myself going home after the movie and listening to the score of the movie on the internet, it was that good I felt. The long and tracking shots of Brandon and the sometimes endless silence in the movie makes it all the more intense at times. Steve McQueen does however leave alot untold and unresolved in this film. Like why is Brandon so addicted to this type of lifestyle and what really happened between Brandon and his sister Sissy in their childhood. We know something bad must have happened, but we never really find out what. Shame is the type of movie that I've changed my mind on so many times, one day I think yeah it was brilliant, the next I was thinking, was it really all that great? So I love to see what people's reactions are after seeing it. And for that reason along id urge you to go see it.

Review published on the 20 January 2012 12:08


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