Oh dear...what have they done? - Aidan Lucid

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Eragon, the long awaited movie based on the novel of the same name written by Christopher Paolini, is here but the question on everyone's mind is, is it any good? Well to put it simply, if you haven't read the book then it is but if you have, it's a different story. The special effects are brilliant and the acting is fairly good, save for John Malkovich's portrayal of the evil king Galbatorix. He tries too hard and it shows. The plot is somewhat muddled as it appears that the makers of the movie altered the story to suit themselves. This really lets the whole experience down. In summary, this movie tries too hard to be like Lord of the Rings and doesn't succeed. The battles scenes lack the balls out passion of Jackson's classics. It also feels the production was rushed. For a 15 year old to write a book of this calibre is some feat, but pity the producers didn't do it justice. I did like this movie but it could've been far, far better.      

Review published on the 20 December 2006 16:21


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what a film!!! - wind

I can't remember when I first watched this film, but I know I never forget it. Stefen Fangmeier the director did a fantastic job on creating the world that the film takes place in this film is about... MORE
02 November 2010 22:33

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hopefully its not made into a trilogy - mart1n

Its title might look like a typo, but Eragon is a dragon movie at heart. Scaly sensation Saphira (sounds like a car,actually voiced by Rachel Weisz) is the beast in question, and is essentially the... MORE
01 February 2008 19:39

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Interesting - Georgia Conroy

I've read the book and in comparison it is good yet it could be better. The effects were a little over worked although at a very high class compared to most films these days.
The story starts... MORE
10 March 2007 17:23

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A dud. - Fozz

Dear oh dear.
I cannot understand why they bothered with this.
Well, I can...the desire to make cash got the better of any desire to make a good movie. Bear in mind that the source... MORE
22 February 2007 17:58

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very good - gill

I thought it was very good, was worth watching it, with the special effect i thought was good. it will be a film i would watch when it comes out on dvd.   MORE
08 February 2007 18:17

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Not Great - KK

I went to see this movie hoping for a bit of entainment .
It is well done with respect to the sepcial effects costumes etc
But What it really lacks is much of a plot . Can't really see... MORE
02 February 2007 10:13

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Shakespeare this is not - Becka

But that's not to say it's a bad movie, the special effects are despite having been seen before dazzling, the two young actors on whom the main thrust of the story relies give solid enjoyable... MORE
20 January 2007 21:44

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Utter rubbish - Pat

I was totally and utterly bored by this silly, badly acted and totally unbeliveable movie.  One can only assume that both Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich must be facing bankruptcy or some... MORE
16 January 2007 18:50

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star wars meets lord of the rings - Tommy

this film seemed to have the look of lord of the ring (except not as good) the plot of star wars/ Dragonheart yet still was entertaining girls will love the baby dragon, and for guys there are good... MORE
08 January 2007 19:45

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book is way better - kiwimoweewee

this movie really doesn't do the book any justice at all the books are absolutely brilliant and are really unmissable for book lovers but the movie leaves out a lot of the story and characters MORE
03 January 2007 15:50

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Really Good - Tom

This movie was really good. I've read the book and I couldn't wait for the movie to come out. My family were dreading to go see it but they all loved it! Although I thought it... MORE
01 January 2007 19:36

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Worst movie of the year. - bloodiedXangel

I read the books and loved them. My friends read the books and loved them. We went to see Eragon together and complained throught the entire movie. So many of the main characters were left out,... MORE
28 December 2006 18:20

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A long time ago in a kingdom far, far away... - Old_No7

There are rip offs and then there is Eragon. A young farm boy who learns he has a great power, trained by wise old sage and ultimatley must battle the evil Lord!! Oh come on, ok maybe the book... MORE
28 December 2006 12:00

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DON'T BOTHER - Melanie

This was by far the worst movie I ve seen this year and I ve seen Marie Antoinette which was bloody awful as well. The cast was horrible, the story line rushed and hello!, they have left 6 of the... MORE
18 December 2006 14:29

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If you are into Dragons great to watch - Taaml

I've read the book and they have stuck to it as close as possible. Great to watch and can't wait for the next installment ELDEST which I've read already. Also can't wait for the 3rd book in the... MORE
16 December 2006 19:52

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