X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

Better than I expected - Sarah

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Viewer Rating:Sarah has rated X-Men: First Class rating: 4 Star

Having seen the Wolverine prequel I have to admit I was a little aprehensive about X-Men First Class, however I was pleasently surprised.

This was a fitting prequel to one of the worlds most famous super-hero franchises. X-Men First class was more faithful to the story threads seen in the first X-Men film, with Brian Singer's influence clearly evident.
We get to see how Charles Xavier becomes the famous Prof. X, what really happened to Erick Lencher to turn him into the twisted soul that is Magneto.
With a few great cameo's along the way (the brief appearance of Logan standing out the most) and just the right balance of comedy, X-Men First Class is keeping it real, and by this I mean no 3D. thank god!
One critisism I do have was the costumes. Perhaps I just didnt get it because I didnt grow up in the 60s, but I just didnt like the design of the X-Men costumes.
I thought McEvoy was perfect to play the young Prof. X, he did sound like a young Patrick Stewert. The character of Mystique AKA Raven was a bit wooden to me at times, not a stand out performance. Michael Fassbender playing Magneto could have really over done it with the whole tortured soul/he is what they made him etc yada yada yada. But I thought the portrayal of Erick was spot on. there was a danger he could be too cartoonish, but he wasnt. You are left wondering, what if Charles had gotten through to Erick a little sooner? Would they have worked together running a school for the gifted instead of becoming mortal enemies?
Erick could never be on the same side as Xavier, he could see that humans wouldnt accept the mutants, and he knew there was a war coming.
I didnt even know Kevin Bacon was in the film before I went to see it, and what a brilliant bad guy he makes!!!
It was very obvious from the ending that Magneto is the next installment in the X-Men series, and I just hope that Singer is kept on board as a writter and Vaughn as director.

Review published on the 15 June 2011 23:24


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