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Gay rights activist, Joycean scholar and future president of Ireland Senator David Norris has long been a major figure in Irish public life and so it is high time his story was told on the big screen. Here we see the young David as he starts on the road to senatorhood, a brash callow youth with so much energy and determination for his future. In a bold move the filmmakers have cast Matt Damon in the role and transplanted the story to New York but you have to compromise some things for a wider audience.

Okay I'm being a smartarse but it was hard to resist. In truth, “The Adjustment Bureau” is great entertainment provided you have a willing suspension of belief. Matt Damon's David Norris is a would be senator but his political ambitions are thwarted when a tabloid reveals that he once pulled a mooner at a college party. (You have to suspend belief early in this film). On the night of his election defeat he meets and falls in love with Elise (Emily Blunt) and that meeting spurs him on to try again. So far so good for fate but he is not destined to be with Elise and so she is meant to disappear from his life forever – except she doesn't, not if he can help it. Norris discovers the Adjustment Bureau -the organisation that controls all our destinies (we had free will for a short while but we kept descending into famine, war and game shows) and that it is determined to keep him and Elise apart to ensure his future destiny as a world leader. Norris fights back to bring them back together, again and again.

The posters claim this is “Bourne meets Inception” but it's more “Bourne meets Men in Black” (or Men in Hats) and no worse for it. Damon and Blunt work superbly together and must surely do so again. Terence Stamp and John Slattery are excellent as the loving couple's main antagonists while the cast is rounded off by a lovely performance by Anthony Mackie as the Bureau man who cares.

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