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Mediocre - this should have been a blend of Taken and Frantic, unfortunately it fail's on both levels. Maybe Liam didn't fancy all the hard work stunts, so there is precious little Taken action, and he doesn't have the panicked demeanour of Harrisson Ford to make the Frantic bit work either. Had they stood back, said ok first half Frantic, second half Taken then this would be a must-see movie. Instead we're led through an endless script of 'how could this be happening'. The acting is routine, the story a little bizarre but needs Neeson to make it work. Although enjoyable there's little tension for a thriller. Bluntly you start not to care, not helped by the boring cinematography which paints Berlin as a dull efficient but depressing city. What a missed opportunity. Disappointed.

Review published on the 04 March 2011 17:21


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