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It's nearly twenty years since “Unforgiven” Clint Eastwood's first Oscar winner and he's been churning out quality film after quality film ever since. Until now. It's not that “Hereafter” is bad it's that it's spectacularly, astonishingly, jaw-droppingly bad. There are rumours that writer Peter Morgan considered his script to be a first draft and had planned to rewrite it when it was taken up – well those rumours must be true because this is clearly an unfinished story. Several of what occurs here does so for no logical reason or at best for a ridicolously contrived reason. All the main protagonists turn up at a London book fair just so that the film can get them all together and force a link between three separate story arcs.
These three stories take place in France (identified by the opening shots of the Eifel tower), England (identified by the opening shot of Tower Bridge) and America (identified by the opening shot of Matt Damon). Cecile De France has a near death experience and starts experiencing strange visions of an after-life; Frankie McLaren has an actual death experience (of his twin brother) and wants to have visions of an after-life while Matt Damon can't stop having visions – of an after-life.
Admittedly I personally went in for all the wrong reasons as it features an appearance by Claire Price of “Rebus” fame – but unlikely to be of “Hereafter” fame given the three and a half seconds of screen-time she enjoys here. But I had expected this anyway (her credit as “Teacher” on IMDB sort of forewarned me) and was also there because I felt “Well, it's Clint Eastwood – his films are usually worth a look”, - well no, not in this case. His next project is a biography of J. Edgar Hoover starring Leonardo DiCaprio which in that description alone sounds very promising. Let's hope this was just a way of filling time between those aforementioned quality films he's known for.

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