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The Fighter

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Y'know the hype but it's off beam, and with Wahlberg starring a disappointment. No Raging Bull or Rocky....not even Cinderalla Man; just an even but worthy telling of Irish-American boxer Micky Ward. It's just too dammit predictable, and the depth of characterisation is far from engrossing. Most characters are wasted, the boxing sequences not engaging, and although Bale is outstanding as the has-been addict, he's left outstanding, on his own. You're left wondering what went wrong, the screenplay, direction, editing, soundtrack...pick your pleasure. I don't want to run it down but cinema has fallen over the cliff with the Lehmann brothers - if Salt 2 is the best to look forward to, although entertaining, it's a long way from i.e. the Shawshank Redemption, Jaws, etc., latterly Bourne escapades. If Hollywood has given itself to magnificent cartoonery where now can we find the brilliance of the Shining..or is cinema now for the under 25's? Glum outlook!?!

Review published on the 14 February 2011 01:00


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This film is Brilliant and not just for boxing fans the film is based on a true story of Boston Fighter Mickey ward played here by Wahlberg.Mickey is a tough boxer who has a big heart but he is seen... MORE
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While Bale, Adams and Wahlberg (along with the lesser known cast) provide performances that are above and beyond what's called for, "The Fighter" remains a very basic story. Competent in its telling... MORE
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Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale star in this epic portrayal of a true life boxing saga. Micky and Dickie O Rourke are brothers. Dickie's claim to fame is that he once knocked out Sugar Ray Leonard.... MORE
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This was a great movie with a great cast. Mark Wahlberg was very good as Micky and suprisingly Amy Adams played her character very well. She was a suprise for me. But for me Christian Bale was... MORE
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