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Arthouse without ART - Slick

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The Bourne Retirement - Yawn. Shamelessly Banal - indulgent rigour. Stay away-worse than a 70's airport novel. Nothing, but the most mediocre predictable happens - and you'll be praying for those brief moments. Swooney Clooney fans get tons of their man-that's it. The cinematography is washed out, the storytelling useless-not a breath of tension, and what soundtrack!?!. Not the worst movie put to celluloid but amongst those peers. Don't do it to yourself-this belongs on the shelves with Klute; makes The Day of the Jackal contemporary. Are we stuck in 3D cartoon lockdown from Hollywood. Deserved of no recognition, except the life of an assassin is a lonely one award. An effort to break new ground does not new ground break.

Review published on the 28 November 2010 01:30


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One to avoid - Kitkath

A lesser man than Clooney would not have gotten this film off the ground. Perhaps the ground is where it should have been left as it is hard to follow in places. The end is prediciable, along with... MORE
18 May 2011 23:32

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 1 Star


visually stunning but not for everyone - Eoghan Bolger

The American The American is a drama film directed by Anton Corbijin and starring George Clooney in the lead role. The movie is 103 minutes long and focuses on a hitman who is put on one final... MORE
13 December 2010 23:33

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 4 Star


So cliched with too many holes - Ann

Clooney is great but this film is most certainly not. It doesn't know what it wants to be...plenty of arthouse nakedness but incredibly weak in plot and follow through (the "baddies" at the beginning... MORE
07 December 2010 14:43


twilight zone!?!! - stereoc

Seriously, I really do not get the good reviews on this movie. I sat looking forward to this and was expecting an engaging movie, that I certainly did not get. To me, the lack of dialogue is a... MORE
24 November 2010 15:15


The American - Steph

There are so many harsh statements about this movie. Yes, it moved slowly, but that time served as a metaphor for Jack's agonizing days while he considers his past and whether or not he will live to... MORE
20 September 2010 18:28

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 3 Star


poor choice - movie maven

Went with another couple. The gals wanted to see Eat,Pray, Love which we confessed was a chick flick. The guys wanted an action flick. We decided to see The American since they don't go to the movies... MORE
19 September 2010 06:14

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 1 Star


Senseless everything - JEL

The writer provided no plot, the movie was void of any emotion, and the technical aspects were not worth mentioning. I don't know that it is worth giving any more information than that I felt like... MORE
18 September 2010 04:18

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Violante Placido is Magnificent - DaProphet

Violante Placido's body, which spans the emotional range from naked to almost naked, was worth the price of admission by herself. Which is good because the rest of the movie was slow and brutally... MORE
17 September 2010 05:16

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 2 Star


Good Story - Wade

This was a drama with some action, not an action movie. I thought the range of emotions he expressed at the end summed up the whole movie. He was lonely, was realizing he was missing something,... MORE
12 September 2010 07:20

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 4 Star


the ending was so bad it made the theatre laugh - tt2010

The American was the worst movie I have seen in a long time, if not ever. During the entire movie (time wasted that I will never get back) we kept thinking about leaving but kept holding out hope the... MORE
10 September 2010 15:30

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 1 Star


Absolutely AWFUL movie! - moviegoer

George Clooney was absolutely clueless as to the mannerisms of a special forces (by the looks of his tat) and how to move and handle a weapon. No awareness of surroundings, just clumping down the... MORE
07 September 2010 02:27

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Long, slow, unrewarding - glasband

90 minutes of aging hitman Clooney looking troubled, 10 minutes of action, set against a beautiful Italian village. A few folks walked out, a few booed at the end. If you are lock stock in love with... MORE
07 September 2010 01:40

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The American - Jessie

I thought this movie was horrible. No story, it does not make sense and the ending was the worse ever. Why does the boss kill the person he wants to kill The American? Does not make sense. Very... MORE
06 September 2010 17:40

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Waste of Time - andersonvi1989

Just got back from the movies. We saw "The Amarican" I have to say that it royaly "SUCKED" Dont waste your money hell don't even wast your time. I am so pissed I wasted my time. MORE
05 September 2010 23:48

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The American gives a nod to Italian Cinema and Antonioni - mdrimmer

Any good piece of literature (a movie, book, play or show) cannot be made without a story. The American directed by Anton Corbijn has no story line but tells a story nevertheless. Its a story that is... MORE
05 September 2010 06:54

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 5 Star


worst ending of a movie since ever!!! - Armen

As the movie abruptly ended, I stood up and proclaimed loudly that I wanted my money back. The ending was so stupid. There were so many other options that could have made the movie a winner. Although... MORE
04 September 2010 14:48

Star Rating: has rated The American rating: 1 Star


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