The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

Outstanding-trust me, watch it. - Slick

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Denzel (Eli) can make any movie work, but here he has an equal in Gary Oldman, whose Dennis Hopper style portrayal of his mayor character is mesmerising. Although this is a post-apoalyptic tale, it's outshines Mad Max, Waterworld and even the Road by some measure. It is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, and very tightly edited. God is working in mysterious ways with Eli, we can assume 'the Book' imbues him with superhuman fighting and survival skills. Slowly we unravel the secret of 'the Book' but all the time are entertained with spaghetti western style shoot-outs and sword play. This movie really has something for everyone, action, mystery, suspense all at a challenging pace. There's black humour too and a very surprising ending. All this set against a visually memorable background-I will for one buy the Blu-ray, cus i've gotta have more.

Review published on the 16 August 2010 18:24


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