I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

Avoid - it ain't funny - Slick

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It's too easy to pull the homophobic card here - this is boring and crude, and does not do what it says on the cover (Hilarious, unbelievable etc.). The clips you saw - they're the funny bits; the rest is tragic and depressing - as for breaking 21st century taboo's it takes you nowhere. As a con-man in reality he was rubbish, "Catch me if you can" is far superior", but his commitment is eye-opening, even if it fails utterly. I hit play to nestle into a comedy and was dragged down relentlessly - in many ways an antithesis to the brilliant "Fargo", we're left with a disturbed and pitiful movie, multiplied because it is true. This early attempt at breaking new ground didn't work - I find no reason to say it came close, but expect more in the future that hit the balance. Carrey and Ewan do top-jobs but the screenplay is for a very niched audience.

Review published on the 04 August 2010 23:58


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