The Wolfman

The Wolfman

Awful enjoyable - Slick

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Watch this - oodles of disconnected charm, Frankenstein meets Wuthering Heights; be thee of a nervous type it'll scare you goodo - our more robust brethern will find it rich in Poe-like gothic mystery, and it delivers, with some of the finest actor's at work today; the thunder of the hooves of the galloping horses should make you draw those curtains and spill your nacho's. Never too much - never too little, it stands as a vanguard against teenage twighlights? This is no contrived Dracula - better, it's surreal reality which punches when it needs to - a thrill of a ride. The marketing boys messed up - this movie deserved more bang for buck than a scooby-doo Wolfman title. Enjoy and cuddle your dearest, for there's a full moon a'comin.

Review published on the 21 July 2010 03:32


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