I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Typical US comedy - Cyberx_94

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I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.

Chuck and Larry is an American comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan starring Kevin James and Adam Sandler. When a fireman has concerns about his very possible death on the job he realizes he needs a beneficiary . He eventually schemes to falsify a domestic partnership with his male best friend. However his friend is a hopleless pervert.
The movie is two hours long.

I traditionally dislike these types of films but find that when I review them it is all about my mood when I watch then and I think its important to take this into consideration with these American comedies. Chuck and Larry is such a film that requires a certain frame/state of mind while watching. This was never going to be a good film, but I feel that it is an underrated one. I did find it to be at times preachy and the stereotypes weren't always funny , bordering on occasion funny , on others cringe worthy. Make no mistake it is very much the same joke for the full run with varied results , two hours is absolutely too long for a comedy film and the humour is not always maintained but there are still laughs to be had and smiles to be raised even in the film's second half where the jokes have long gone into hit or miss territory but its still not consistently funny. Sandler's character is a typical element of these movies but he makes it work, probably being the film's highlight though I've always preferred him in his other work such as happy Gilmore. The comedy is as has been mentioned before predictable and repetitive , but thankfully Sandler , a couple of clever lines in the script and making me laugh more than not saved the film from being anything below mediocrity. There have been better buddy comedies than this one..

Verdict: ***

Review published on the 05 July 2010 15:12


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Amazing movie to teach the society against homophobia. MORE
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