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In Noah Bambauch's films people tend to do very little and talk an awful lot – not a lot happens but plenty is said about it. Which is fine if the people involved are worth listening to. Luckily in 'Greenberg' the characters are so well-drawn and the performances so spot on that they are well worth your time. Ben Stiller is the title character a man recently recovering from some sort of mental problems that are never quite specified but you can be pretty confident that a mid-life crisis had something to do with it. Roger Greenberg is a man in a constant state of annoyance with the world around him and often with the people in it. His main hobby seems to be writing letters of complaint to various institutions and businesses. In contrast is the much younger Florence who works as a PA for Roger's brother with whom he strikes up an uncertain relationship. Florence is generally bright and optimistic with what could best be described as a “pleasant” world view. She serves as a nice balance to Greenberg's mostly cynical outlook. Although the central theme of this film is Greenberg versus the world (Roger and We) the relationship between these two striking opposites is what gives it its momentum and holds the interest throughout. Stiller is excellent in his role managing to constantly resist the (surely huge) temptation to play for laughs and it is some feat that he manages to make such an unlikeable character somehow sympathetic. As Florence Greta Gerwig is outstanding making the most of every second of screen-time she has. It is a clever move on Bambauch's part to open and set up the film with her character. By the time Roger makes his first appearance ringing her to complain about neighbours using his brother's pool you are completely in love with this girl and wondering why this annoying grump is bothering her.

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