The Killer Inside Me

The Killer Inside Me

Thriller with realistic teeth - Slick

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Viewer Rating:Slick has rated The Killer Inside Me rating: 4 Star

Go see - superbly picked cast, and brutality that is raw, realistic and visceral. Relevant in a time when when we have forgotten the true impact of everyday violent death and injury - although a slow tale to unwind you're sense of cosseted security is blown away, in the sublime relaxed atmosphere of horrible evil, right here in civilised society. No spears or weapons, or foreign places, just ugly psychotic reality - as real as patting your dog. Casey Affleck is one-dimensional but an addictive screen presence, and well-supported - he carries the movie with disarming charm. Set in the 50's this allows the story progress without tedious forensic interference, and plenty of visuals and soundtrack to further grab the audience. As a movie it's for adults who aren't waiting for the big bangs, but it's not for Cluedo types either - it's a definition of benign evil and delivers it in the sanguine menace of routine. I didn't find it disturbing, but I did find it in many ways unique in recent (years) of Hollywood fare - defy you to enjoy it!

Review published on the 07 June 2010 01:10


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