I Am Love

I Am Love

Visually Appetising - Mick Jordan

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The best word to describe “I Am Love” is sumptious. From the very start – from the opening credits - this film just exudes quality, style and elegance. Substance is almost an afterthought but it's certainly there. This is the story of a wealthy industrialist family of quality, style and elegance who seem to have everything and probably do. Everything except passion. Tilda Swinton plays Emma a Russian emigre and the matriarch of the family. Her straightforward but stilted life gets a jolt when she meets and falls for Antonio, her son's friend and business partner in a new restaurant venture. They strike up an affair with ultimately tragic consequences. So much for the plot, the main business in this film is not the story but the story telling. Every scene is beautifully crafted in striking colours and lush music – every performance is a portrait. It is a feast in so many more ways than just visual, in fact food is a vital element and even provides a major turning point in the story. The final scenes are like the closing of an opera – no dialogue just huge swells of music leading to a breathless climax. Perhaps because she is the only well known (to me) member of the cast Swinton dominates the performances but nevertheless it is a striking portrayal. Here is a Scottish actress playing a Russian who has become Italian – and doing so very convincingly. “I Am Love” is well worth seeing and well worth seeing again - and again, if only to look on in wonder.

Review published on the 09 April 2010 20:20


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