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Purporting to expose prejudice through comedy Cohen achieves Uber homophobia. All hail free speech but this is propaganda worthy of Goebbels, shocking a new generation into anti-gay lampooning. Read between the lines at this sad display by a weak satirist, and far from taking a fresh look at this minority, we're armed with fresh imagery to hate. From the opening scenes of "gay sex", portrayed as perverted pedarast vulgarity (the midget is a cop-out), Cohen struggles to provoke hostile reaction, which is laudably absent from mainstream society, and forces him to pathetically provoke extremist rednecks and Hasidic Jews for his hard earned ugly bigotry and puerile comedy. What he does expose is the huge level of tolerance in U.S. society, even amongst the working classes where his antics backfire somewhat unexpectedly. Much has been made of the scenes where parents seem to consent to allow their "actor" kids partake in dangerous work, but these people would be aware of the stringent safety and moral laws for kids that exist in the industry, and in what it produces. Cohen's revelation that the kids would be in a scene as a nazi pushing a Jew in a wheelbarrow toward an oven is his most shameful act. In a poor imitation of Mike Myer's hilarious appearance on Jerry Springer's show as Dr. Evil, Cohen produces a black child he calls O.J. and offends every sensibility of the black audience, ever struggling to arouse hostility he would have us believe is prejudice. The stunt with that kid on the moped could inspire copycats and should have been axed. The whole bigoted production should have been axed - Cohen you are the cheap homophobic struggling comedian - you make Bernard Manning look like a class act. As the movie was 18 cert. your "portrayal" of gay will have fuelled a new generation of gay haters, and for what, a cheap shock laugh and a fistful of filthy lucre!?! In short it fails it's main purpose - it is simply not funny.

Review published on the 12 November 2009 17:11


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