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Teeth tells the story of Dawn (Jess Weixler), a naïve high school student who vows to remain chaste until marriage. Living in the shadow of a nuclear power plant with her ill mother, stepfather and sexually deviant stepbrother, she realises that she has the 'adaptation' of a 'vagina dentata'- a toothed vagina. When she is forced to defend herself from a purity ring advocate who has less than pure intentions in mind, she learns that is possible to use her newly discovered mutation to her advantage. Teeth is reminiscent in many ways of exploitative 1970's rape revenge films like the repulsive I Spit on Your Grave, where a woman seduces and kills a group of men who previously attacked her. While Teeth may be commended for its daring plot and solid acting its misogynistic undertones (especially evident in the final scenes) may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Review published on the 31 August 2009 22:57


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Teeth - Pinky Lee

I think the movie is horrible my cousin that are 18 went to see it and said it was absolutly horrible who ever came up with the idea for a movie like that I don't know what a horrible idea for a movie MORE
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This film is violent feminist propaganda against men and a concerning precedent in sensitizing misandry. MORE
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