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Frost Nixon

Boxing brains - slick

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What really was trick-dicky in the end game. A traitor, a hubristic fool or a man of his times. Considerding he spent his right-wing life in the company of Mao and Khruschev-the other big players on the world stage at the time, is it not reasonable to believe he thought such unquestioned power was also the right of democracy. This film is a boxing marathon, the playboy over-confident Frost versus the intellectually misguided Nixon..and the reluctant honesty of hindsight that Nixon did express, without words powerful enough to weaken his nation. In his attempt to lead with ruthless authority, as befit the times, he did betray the U.S. constitution and the fundamentals of democracy. Although this film does not dwell on this, it would seem the most explicit answer…but there is a final question, if democracy cannot reconcile itself to times turbulent, unlike the Kennedy presidency, then it remains fragile to future confusion from religious and social extremist enemies. Time to close the lid on Nixon, the butcher, the liar, the patriot…but never the democrat. Next..Mr GW Bush?!?

Review published on the 17 May 2009 11:22


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Almost excellent - LiamK

I was looking forward to this movie for a long time as I'd missed it in the cinema for some reason - I did not want to see it during the first 2 weeks to avoid the popcorn eaters but it was taken out... MORE
25 May 2009 10:30

Star Rating: has rated Frost/Nixon rating: 4 Star


Unbelievable!!! - Fifi Gongon

This movie is totally unbelievable!!! Its just too far fetched, anyone who can sit through this eight-hour madness must be stoned out of their brain on LSD acid tablets. MORE
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Star Rating: has rated Frost Nixon rating: 5 Star


a tour de foce - mgalvin25

Two men,both proud ambitious and yearning public sympathy ,meet for a series of televised interviews.One of these is David Frost,a genial chat show host with a penchant for fast cars,planes and... MORE
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brilliant - mart1n

As the reign of a once popular but now unpopular wartime president draws to a close, it feels timely to look back at another such commander-in-chief, one Richard Milhous Nixon. Watergate has been... MORE
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Excellent Piece of Historical insight - BrianMol

I really enjoyed this movie and was surprised by how much so. I was expecting an interesting move that wasn't very exciting or entertaining. Fortunately, it was funny, entertaining and an excellent... MORE
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Very enjoyable - Craig

I found this movie to tell a great story and depict the great battle between Frost and Nixon in which this train gathered steam as the battle drew to a close. It was obvious Frost wasn't as... MORE
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Gripping - Janet

This is a fantastically made film. The story is simple and could have been handled badly very easily. It's the true story of how David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon after Watergate. This film... MORE
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Best Film of the Year - Ailbhe

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ok - hey-man666

the start of it was extremely boring but when the interviews got going it was interesting.great acting MORE
31 January 2009 15:31

Star Rating: has rated Frost Nixon rating: 2 Star


Excellent - carneyd

Chat show host David Frost (Michael Sheen) struggles to raise the $2 million necessary to interview the most reviled figure in the world, Richard Nixon (Frank Langella). This struggle is nothing... MORE
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Not as great as anticipated - Siobhan L

Being a fan of all politically themed movies this was a disappointment. Frost is hardworking playboy who thinks that he can make a killing with a Nixon interview but is at best a chat show host.... MORE
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