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Doubt is a powerful little film with some stunning dialogue - so much is said, but only if you listen closely. Set in 1964, it takes place in a Catholic school in a predominately Irish and Italian New York neighbourhood. The domineering principal Sister Beauvier (Meryl Streep) rigidly enforces rules of etiquette on students and teachers alike. When a young and naïve teacher (convincingly played by Enchanted's Amy Adams) comes to suspect that the charismatic local priest Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) may be taking far too much of an interest in the school's first black student, Sister Beauvier becomes determined to discover the truth. Based on his play of the same name, Doubt was adapted for the screen and directed by John Patrick Shanley, so the film has a decidedly theatrical air about it. Streep's performance is melodramatic at times and while such exaggeration may suit the stage, it does not always come across onscreen particularly well. That said Streep is mesmerising to watch and it is not hard to see why each of the main acting roles were Oscar nominated.

Review published on the 31 March 2009 21:21


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worth seeing - stonecold

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