The International

The International

Lovely cinematography but boring - slick

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This movie had great potential, but is a thriller without the thrills. The cinematography is outstanding. Delivers 10% of it's potential, and the script is to blame. We should have been exposed to the secretive world of corrupt financiers in a manner similar to Outbreak, rising biohazard levels accompanied by ever more menacing music - instead it's a bland unveiling of tedious goings on, riddled with who cares. Owen does his best, in fact without his worried face you'd be hard pushed to say thriller at all - but his character is completely emasculated by bureaucratic red tape, and you know it so you don't care what happens. As for a look inside the nefarious world of corrupt banking...well there's little of surprise or revelation. Stunning locations though, and the big shoot-out at the Guggenheim, how could so many villains keep missing - they would have fared better with paintball guns. Best part - leaving the cinema at the end!

Review published on the 13 March 2009 12:48


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