No Reservations

No Reservations

Predictable but Likable - Lorraine

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Viewer Rating:Lorraine has rated No Reservations rating: 2 Star

In romantic drama No Reservations Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Kate, a controlling head chef whose carefully ordered life is disrupted when she is left the sole guardian of her young niece Zoe (Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin) after her sister is killed in a car accident. Kate is forced to learn how to take care of the girl while dealing with the personal and professional threat posed by Nick (Aaron Eckhart), the high-spirited chef hired to cover her position. No Reservations is likable, mainly due to Breslin's scene-stealing role, but the overly familiar plot (seemingly borrowed from a dozen TV movies) and at times dreadful script make it utterly unremarkable. However, it's ideal for those times when you don't want to watch anything too demanding.

Review published on the 10 February 2009 19:58


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