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Irish thriller Alarm features rising star Ruth Bradley as Molly, a young woman grieving the death of her father who moves from Dublin to a seemingly idyllic housing estate in the countryside. Longing for the sense of community that can apparently only come from knowing one's neighbours, Molly's peace of mind is soon shattered by a series of break-ins at her new home. She begins to suspect that everyone around her is somehow involved, even doting family friends (veteran actors Tom Hickey and Anita Reeves) and her psychiatrist (Emmet Bergin, better known to Irish audiences as Dick Moran from Glenroe). Written and directed by Ordinary Decent Criminal scriptwriter Gerard Stembridge, Alarm was made less than two years ago and yet already feels quite dated. The cutthroat world of real estate depicted in the film has now for the most part vanished along with the boom times. The film is riddled with other problems, primarily the frequently clichéd dialogue and Aidan Turner's somewhat unconvincing performance as Molly's new boyfriend Mal. Despite all its flaws however Alarm is compelling thanks to Bradley's credible portrayal of a woman slowly unravelling.

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