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ok! so now i have this image of Gavin in the cinema... with his notebook and pen.... sitting there writing a review..... please tell me you go alone!! coz if i was sitting beside you i'd crack up!! anyways!! i enjoyed this film! have to admit i did figure out the ending before it actually happened mid way through! but look it was entertaining! and im always saying it!! computers will be the end of us all! but i does go to show that we are always being watch! telephone calls listened into! and come on! you only have to light a fire in your backyard and the fecking government have a satelite to pick you up and a month later you have a fine in the post!!!!! I was entertained by this film, the whole you've been activated! i would love to know DOES THIS HAPPEN!! it must be an american thing but who walks in late and in hte middle of their own brothers funeral!! and was it just me or did anyone else notice that he looked nothing like his supposed twin brother!! there were a few scenes that just had no bearing on the film and were going nowhere! like (1) the kids father meeting them at the train station (2) the bug put in your mans ear the fella that ran off in the middle of the road leaving his van and then getting zapped by the power lines (3) ok so im struggling to think of a third one that had no point,!! ok so out of 10 i would actually give it a 6! good acting! NATURAL acting not these over actors!!! would get it on dvd! came out of the cinema thinking ya! its ok! and of course it had a happen ending!! ah bless

Review published on the 03 November 2008 12:38


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