Westlife - Gravity

Westlife - Gravity

Deja Vu From Westlife - jennith

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Westlife have been around over 12 years now and they were never that orginal but are now just producing any old thing just to keep their name about.This album is bland and sleep producing with the usual couple of ballads and uptempo songs and covers.This album will take a lot of listening to by their dedicated fans before they get to like it There are a couple of good tracks like I get weak and closer but nothing new or special here.

Review published on the 29 November 2010 00:31


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Summary - Niamh

this is a great cd only there is not many up tempo songs.the songs maybe down tempo but they are very well wrote.i would recomend it to westlife fans but dont buy it if your not MORE
22 January 2011 16:11

Star Rating: has rated Westlife - Gravity rating: 3 Star


Laura - Laura

Twelve years of mediocrity and not one self-penned track between them. Might appeal to those of limited intelligence! MORE
13 December 2010 20:08

Star Rating: has rated Westlife - Gravity rating: 1 Star


Excellent! - Grace

I love Westlife's new album. I mean Westlife wouldn't be the same if the whole album was dance songs. I love all of the songs and think that they have done an amazing job as per usual! Lets hope they... MORE
03 December 2010 14:55

Star Rating: has rated Westlife - Gravity rating: 5 Star


Welldone Westlife - Shaan

I have been around as Westlife's fan from the very first album. And even though they have at times not been original, I still love them. You must give it to them, I mean they always make any song so... MORE
30 November 2010 06:51

Star Rating: has rated Westlife - Gravity rating: 5 Star


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