A Twitter user has noticed a subtle but important difference in the Google and Apple burger emojis

This will cause arguments at dinner tables around the world.

Eagle eyed Thomas Baekdal caused quite the stir on Twitter when he noticed a slight variation between how the two tech giants portray a burger-

Well spotted, Thomas. Now, we don’t see the problem in having cheese on BOTH sides of the burger. Go hard or go home, lads. But not everyone agrees and even the Google CEO Sundar Pichai has chimed in-

It’s comforting to know they’re taking it seriously.

After looking at other burger emojis, the less said about Huawei’s effort the better. It would appear to have NO cheese-

Huawei, we’re not angry, we’re just disappointed.

Should the cheese be on top or underneath? Lettuce know in the comments.

Via: Twitter


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